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Quick Hits: 4/9

Every Father's Daughter is a Virgin - The third and final movie poster dedicated to the Columbus Blue Jackets.  This one is probably not the most clever (the actual movie title is perfect) but it's by the far the sassiest one that I've done.

You're the Best... AROUND! - Nothing's ever gonna keep you down!  And nothing is going to stop Michael Petrella from churning out great game day posts with movie themed nicknames.  He even let me get in on the action for this one as we took on the Karate KId for tonight's game.

GDT Game #81: Red Wings at Blue Jackets- Everyone's favorite moonlighting-as-a-blogger lawyer from the great state of Oklahoma provides us with the all-too familiar gameday thread to span the great distance before the A2Y faithful, known as The 19, can run wild with the live blog.

Preview: Wings at Blue Jackets- The Datsyukian Geek is getting stronger and stronger in his writing.  Here he gives us three keys for the Detroti Red Wings to take the two points and somehow even works in a pic of the Governator as Mr. Freeze.  Can you tell that we all like movies?

First to 101 Wins - That should be read as, "the first to 101 points, wins fifth place".  That's my theory anyway.  You've read everyone else's scenarios and theories.  Now give me a try...please?