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Quick Hits: 5/14

Grade 'Em: Todd Bertuzzi- So what did you think of Big Bert this year?  I'll give you a few statistical facts along with my oppinion, then you tell me what you think.

A Letter to Nick Lidstrom- Ti from Franzenmuth writes a heart-filled letter to the Perfect Human, begging him to stay.  I wonder what kind of effect it would have on the captain should he somehow find the means to read it...

Player Review: Kirk Maltby - Well this concept seems strangely familiar...Andy from Fight Night takes a year-end look at one of the founding members of the Grind Line: #18, himself.

How the 'History Will be Made' Ad Campaign was Born- Brian from Octopus Thrower gives us a rundown how of the NHL's favorite commercials played in reverse came to be.  I just wish that the Mule would have kicked back a little sooner and more consistently...**sigh**