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Quick Hits: 5/24

"Third Time's The Chump" - It's our most hated rival that will be playing in the Stanley Cup Finals.  What's that you say?  You're a Detroit fan who doesn't hate Chicago as much as I do?  You should.

Let's Go Philly?- Graham from The Hole in the Door hates Chicago fans too.  Does that mean we'll have to root for Pronger in the SCF if Philly takes care of the Habs?  Hell yes.

'Hawks in the Finals: It's a Good Thing - If this was Chris Hollis from Motown Wings' attempt to make angry, I have just two words for him: mission accomplished.  Don't ever tell me that Chicago advancing when the Wings do not is a good thing...but then again, I'm pretty biased.

Mondays are Glorious! - Brian from Octopus Thrower have a few questions following San Jose's defeat at the hands of the Chicago Blackhawks.  Short and to the point, but more than we got from most people on this Monday.

Why Zetterberg Wears #40- The ultimate cure for off-season boredom is being concocted by Red Wings Guy Dot Com, which will provide new fun facts about the Red Wings on a daily basis.  Why do I wear #40 in my Monday night men's league?  For Henrik Zetterberg (I also wore it in college).