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Top Ten Goals of 2009-10: #9 and #10

There were many great moments over the course of this past season, as the Red Wings made an improbable run to their 19th straight post-season.  Over the next week we're going release our Top Ten goals of the 2009-10 season, beginning today with #9 and #10.

#10 Patrick Eaves one handed poke vs. Buffalo.
A great individual effort by Eaves as he completely fakes out a Sabres defender and scores the goal.

Patrick Eaves goal 3/13/10 (via NHLVideo)

#9 Johan Franzen embarrasses Craig Anderson
The Mule takes a nice backhand pass from Tomas Holmstrom and buries one into the top shelf.

Johan Franzen dangles Craig Anderson (via NHLArchive)

Stay tuned the rest of the week as we count down to number one.