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Quick Hits: 5/25

RELEASE DA 'BOWS - Feel saturated by the all the Stevie-Y talk?  Need to get away?  I dusted off my amateur photo-shopping tools and made a few little pics to cheer on my favorite team (remaining in the play-offs).

All the Best Captain - Jessie from Bingo Bango gives her best wishes to the best captain ever.  A surprisingly somber and heart-filled piece by the little hellian...definitely worth a look-see.

Good Luck, Stevie-Y - Michael Petrella from The Production Line always bids a fond farewell to Stevie-Y.  No angst or anger here...just a hearty handshake and a hug for the Hall-of-Famer who's been here for 27 years.

A Letter to Stevie-Y - Ti from Franzenmuth writes a short (but sweet) 'Dear John' letter, though it's Steve who is leaving us.

Lá e de volta outra vez - Herm do Red Wings Brasil discute um vindas e algumas saídas para Detroit este fora de temporada.