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Quick Hits: 5/27

The 'I Hate Chicago' Chronicles - Come and tell us what you don't like about Chicago.  Had a bad experience with "a couple of their fans"?  Tell us about it.  It's the official home of anti-Chicago 2010 Cup Run.

Wings Sign Brendan Smith - After a nice long hiatus, Khan(!) breaks the news about Detroit signing their former first round draft pick to a three year entry level deal.

Grade 'Em: Tomas Holmstrom- What did you think about Holmstrom's year?  What do you think he's worth to Detroit?  Let us know.

Yzerman Won't raid Wings for Hires- Stay classy, Stevie-Y.  And we know that he not cherry-picking a number of Detroit executives and stealing them away to Tampa.

Transcript of Yzerman's Bolts Presser - Snapshot's George Malik provides the text of what was said at Steve Yzerman's first press conference as Detroit's "Ambassador to the Leastern Conference".