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Top Ten Goals of 2009-10: 1 and 2

Are you ready?  Are you absolutely sure?  The top ten countdown concludes today with goals one and two, and frankly they're two of the awesomest (That's right, they're so good I invented a word to describe them) goals you'll ever see. Prepare to be wowed.

2.  Pavel Datsyuk shootout goal against the Blackhawks
In Casey's post yesterday, he revealed Todd Bertuzzi's goal in this very same shootout against the Hawks as number four in the countdown.  Datsyuk's amazing flip shot over Antti Niemi came on the preceding Red Wings shot:

Would anyone else in the league have the guts to try something like that?  Methinks not.

And drum roll please.........

1.  Pavel Datsyuk robs Nashville's Kevin Kline and scores
Are you surprised at all that Datsyuk took the top two spots?  After years of witnessing him doing stuff like this on a nightly basis, you shouldn't be.  This goal is the stuff legends are made of:

Poor Kevin Kline never knew it was coming.  

To recap the countdown for you:
10.  Johan Franzen schools Craig Anderson
9.   Patrick Eaves one handed poke past Ryan Miller
8.   Darren Helm preserves 51 save effort for Jimmy Howard with late goal
7.   Justin Abdelkader robs Coyote, scores
6.   Datsyuk manhandles Patrick Kane and scores with three seconds left.
5.   Brian Rafalski ties Oilers with 0.2 seconds left.
4.  Todd Bertuzzi spin-o-rama shootout goal
3.  Henrik Zetterberg wins OT thriller with 0.3 seconds left
2.  Datsyuk flip shot in shootout
1.  Datsyuk steal and goal on Kevin Kline

Datsyuk takes three of the top ten spots, which is not really shocking when you think about it.

There you have it, your top ten goals of the 2009-10 season.  Hopefully we'll have many, many more like these in 2010-11.