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Quick Hits: 5/28

Grade 'Em: Darren Helm - I continue evaluating our upcoming RFA/UFA's.  This one focuses on the dude I named my site after so you can bet it's a pretty favorable grade.  Stop on by and let us know what YOU think.

Red Wings Prospect Smith earns contract, disorderly conduct charge- That's right, the kid we just signed to a three year deal just beat the crap out of somebody at a house party.  George Malik of Snapshots reports.

Stanley Cup Finals Preview - Graham from The Hole in the Door breaks down the finals for us.  Careful, Graham...they're a special place in the Malebolge (Dante's 8th circle of Hell) for fortune tellers and sooth-sayers.

Helping Chicago, One Bandwagoner At a Time- The boys over at The Winged Wheel have set up an assistance program for all those newly found Chicago Blackhawks fans who have crawled back up from underneath the floorboards now that their team is good again.  Nice work, TTW.

SCF Post - Ti from Franzenmuth weighs in on who to root for in the Stanley Cup Finals...Philadelphia Flyers or Chicago Blackhawks.  Warning: Ti wanders off the righteous path (can you tell that I'm reading the Divine Comedy?) and picks the wrong team.