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Horrible officiating tarnishes otherwise great game

Let's get this out of the way right now: no, I am not blaming the officiating for the Red Wings loss to the Sharks. Got it? Good. 

What I am blaming the officiating for is horrible calls, both ways, in a very important game. There was the "goaltender interference" on Justin Abdelkader in the first, the "boarding" on Patrick Marleau in the first, the Todd Bertuzzi "goaltender interference" in the second, the "interference" on Brad Stuart in the second, the "holding" on Bertuzzi in the third, and the "goaltender interference" on Dany Heatley. Count that up an it's at least 12 minutes of the 28 minutes of penalties that were called that were bogus whistles. 

How is the NHL supposed to build a fanbase when both teams are called non-stop for what used to just be hockey plays five years ago? The league is turning into European soccer, players diving all over the place and embellishing plays because they know that sure enough, the man with the striped shirt will show up and call a power play for his team. 

I know that this is professional sports and refs will blow calls but enough is enough. The fanbases around the league suffer from stifling whistles in games like this and the flow of the game is horribly interrupted. Players don't even want to make a normal check because they might get called for interference, cross-checking, or boarding. In games like this, players are handicapped in what they can do and it hurts the integrity of the game while also making it horribly lopsided at times.

Get a clue, NHL. Crack down on the officiating or more and more fans will lose interest in the sport.