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Quick Hits: 5/3

A New Penalty- Getting high sticked in the face?  That's two minutes for tripping.  Pushing a guy to the ice?  That's two minutes for holding.  Anyone else find it ironic that they called Bert for the exact opposite of the action he committed?

The Universe - Andy from Fight Night at the Joe provides us with his usual uncensored views on that jobbing that the Wings suffered last night.  Don't expect much else's not subjective that the officiating sucked last night...but a universal truth.

Conferece Semi Finals Game 2: Red Wings at Sharks- A laundry list of bullets from the boys at The Triple Deke.  They also use four consecutive sentences ending with an exclamation mark...that's BJ (the Columbus kind) blog worthy.

Tinfoil Flashmob - A new mini movement is growing legs among the Red Wings faithful.  Good old Sarah is gathering the troops of yet another tinfoil hat army to bring to the Joe tomorrow.  Aw, who am I kidding?  I only posted this link to The Production Line because you can see me in the picture!

Moving Forward...- Graham the "Amerinadian" tries to calm us all down after last night's farce of a game...good luck.  But in all honesty, this newby blogger actually makes some valid points.  If you're the kind that only gets more irritated when someone tries to console you in times of great anger, click over anyway...use that hate for motivation.