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Quick Hits: WCSF Game 3

Being the Champ is No Longer a Dream - I know that we should probably just move on and stop talking about the fact that San Jose looks like they're trying out for Canada's next Summer Olympic diving team.  We should just let it go.  And I might...but not yet.

Game 3...- Jessie from Bingo Bango gives us her reasons behind why she thinks Detroit will turn this season around on San Jose.  And she even uses pictures in this one that don't include projectile vomit...which is nice.

Lucky Charms! - Ti from Franzenmuth is pulling out all the stops for this one in terms of game day rituals.  I promised myself that I'd stop being superstitious, but to each his/her own.  Go on with your bad self, Ti.

Don't Ruin My Birthday Party - A solemn plea from Rob over at The Production Line.  They came through for me on my birthday, let's hope they take care of business tonight and don't make Rob's b-day more stressful than it's already doomed to be.

The Solution to Dive-Gate - Rob from Wings Win, Eh?  Has a solution to the trend of diving in this year's play-offs that seem to spreading like a disease.  He uses video evidence and links to other writings to support his theory...crazy.