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Morning Skate: win one?

There's not going to be much of a morning skate today. Being in a 3-0 series hole makes it hard to really find any motivation in terms of trying to preview the game and giving some insight. You all know what's at stake, the players know what's at stake. Let's just hope for a good game. 

Now I'm not quite offering up the white flag yet, but it surely is a long, long way for the Red Wings to go. The biggest thing is to take it game by game. Don't think of it has needing to win four straight games but just winning one at a time. If anything, the Wings need to play hard and play a full 60 minutes and show like they actually want to be out there.  

For some of the guys, it could be their last game in the Winged Wheel and in front of the home crowd. You gotta think they might have some heightened motivation in the game. For some of the others, its a chance to step up and make an impact. The young guys like Darren Helm, Justin Abdelkader, Jonathan Ericsson, and possibly even Mattias Ritola could have an impact on tonight's game and help lengthen the season.

If Detroit bows out tonight, it will be the first sweep they've suffered since 2003 (oddly enough, a 4-0 series loss to Mike Babcock's Mighty Ducks) and it will be a huge disappointment. After handing Phoenix a big 6-1 defeat in Game 7, the Wings have yet to really show up in this series and because of it they're in the hole big time. 

If the Wings show up for the full 60:00, they can send the Joe Louis faithful home with a tad of hope. Give the fans a game they deserve and play hard all game long.