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Quick Hits: 6/1

How Could We Forget? - This is about the only time you'll ever see me dedicate an entire post to Tomas Kopecky.  Not because I hate the bugger for ditching us...but because the little turd just isn't worth it.

One More Year- The boys over at The Triple Deke give us their reaction to The Perfect Human signing a one year contract extension.  19 years of King Lidas...oh hellz yeah.

With Lidstrom in Tow, Red Wings Off-season Begins in Earnest- Know what I mean, Vern?  George Malik looks ahead to what happens now that the biggest piece of the off-season puzzle is in play.  Insert Ken Holland's "our biggest off-season acquisition was re-signing Nick Lidstrom" quote.

Not So Fast, Doug Janik - A cleverly title little piece from Rob over at The Production Line.  A short and sweet little post about Lidstrom's re-signing, I mainly put it here because the title made me scoff.

Nick e um pouco mais- Eu acho que este é Herm falando Nick Lidstrom se inscrever para mais um ano com o Detroit. Chefe sobre sobre a Red WingsBrasil ... e trazer o seu tradutor com você.