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Quick Hits: 6/10

Laughable- The Chicago Blackhawks are so deep, they're destined to become the next Detroit Red Wings...oh wait, there's a Salary Cap?  Shoot...nevermind.  Blackhawks fans are delusional if they think they're keeping their team or anything close to it.

Just So You Know, Blackhawks Fans - Joe Burkel of Red Wings Guy Dot Com agrees with my sentiments about all of the brand new fans that have been fans of the Blackhawks for years (make sense?  It shouldn't.)  Don't go making dynasty claims when your team is about to implode in t-minus 20 days.

Disch's Favorite Defenseman Re-Signed - Among the people surprised about Doug Janik getting a new, two year deal are the boys over at The Production Line.  Michael Petrella has comprised an entertaining list of things more likely to happen than Janik making the team straight out of camp next season.

It's Finally Over - Brian from The Octopus Thrower gives us his thoughts now that the season has finalyl wrapped up.  In this article, he compares Marian Hossa's defection to Chicago to Ray Bourque jumping ship to Colorado.  Also pictured...naked Dixie Chicks...seriously.

Stupid Sexy Flanders- Graham from The Hole in the Door unleashes a tirade against the Chicago Blackhawks and their fans.  As a Red Wings fan living in Chicago, he's pretty much in Hades right now.  These grapes don't get much more sour.