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Quick Hits: 6/11

Chicago Lows are Reaching New Heights- The Chicago Blackhawks hate Detroit...their fans DESPISE Detroit.  Ever seen 4,000,000 people chanting another town's name at their own parade?  You did today.  Here's more piece to the inferiority puzzle.

Retrospectus: A Voice From the Flash Mob- Our own Tinnish Flash, Sarah Schropp does a guest post over on The Production Line.  She's a fellow Blackhawks hater and isn't afraid to show it.  You go, girl.

A bit more about Steve Yzerman's pick for the Bolts' coach, and two Red WIngs technicalities- George Malik from Snapshots looks at Guy Boucher, Stevie-Y's newest employee.  Also discussed is Hat Trick Dick and the Wizard of Oz (the player).

Ken Holland to Speak with Brendan Smith - Just days after signing on with Detroit, the Wisconsin Badger got himself into a bit of trouble.  Sean Yuille of SBNDetroit tells us about it.

Pronger Fires Back at Burrish- "Chrissy" Pronger responds to the smack talkin' of a healthy scratch.  Also asked in this post - are the 2010 Chicago Blackhawks the least likable champs in recent memory?  Things to consider: the skirt, the gay bashing, and the drunken parade antics (among others).