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Quick Hits: 6/15

Toronto Emulating Detroit - Commentary on an amusingly stupid piece in which a writer actually tries to convince us that Toronto's front office is almost exactly like Detroit's front office.  Basically since two things are called the same thing, then they must be the same....right?....Right?

Red Wings Frank J. Selke Winner - In the next segment of Red Wings Guy Dot Com awards, Jennifer, Graham, and Joe pick which forward that they think played the best defensively...their picks are shocking...shockingly predictable if you actually watched a game this year.

Would You Draft the Next Lidstrom at #21 Overall?- Rob from Wings Win, Eh? takes a look at prospect John Merrill...who he is hoping Detroit will be drafting on June 25th.  Hey...the dude is from my hometown...sign him up!  Rob also looks at our defensive pairings five years from now (Lidstrom not included).

On Bertuzzi: Yeah, No Thanks- CaptNorris from The Winged Wheel takes a hard stance on Bertuzzi's "hold out".  The dude is not happy about Bert not signing immediately.  Bertuzzi haters are going to love what he has to say.

Martin's Wife Trumps Stevie-Y- It was made official today that Detroit Red Wings "capologist" Ryan Martin has declined the job offer presented by Steve Yzerman to join the new regime of the Tampa Bay Lightning.  Is it because Detroit is the greatest organ-i-zation in sports and has treated Martin so well ever since bringing him aboard in the Cap Era?  Probably had something to do with it...but methinks Mrs. Martin may have made the final call.