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Quick Hits: 6/17

Bertuzzi Family is Happy to Stay in Hockeytown- Todd (and Steve Moore's lawyer) aren't the only people to be happy about Big Bert staying in Detroit.  Jaden and Tag are elated about their dad finishing up his career in young, and wise.

We Might Need a 6th: Finding a Cheap, Physical Defensemen- Eight Legged Freaks discusses what they're looking for in terms of rounding out the defensive core.  As the title suggests, there's a few guys out there that won't cost us an arm and a leg in the Cap department, and can play physically too.

Red Wings Calder Memorial Trophy Winner Is- In their on-going series of NHL awards presented solely to Detroit Red Wings players, the crew at Red Wings Guy Dot Com turn their attention to player deemed most proficient in his first year of playing in the NHL. Um...Jimmah!

Despite Signing in June, Todd Finds a Way...- It wouldn't be a Bertuzzi signing without getting "Shetuzzi" Superfan #1 Michael Petrella's take on Bert re-upping with Wings.  The proprietor of The Production Line also looks at the ramifications of the signing for people other than himself as well.

Wednesday's Red Wings summary: Wings sign Ilari Filppula, extend Ken Holland and Jim Nill, re-sign Bertuzzi; this is the team's 'Jimmy Howard' year - Longest. Title. Ever.