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June 2, 1982: 28 years later

Just taking a look around on the Detroit website I noticed that 28 years ago today, Mike and Marian Ilitch bought the Red Wings from the Norris family. In the 28 years they've owned the team, the Ilitches have shown undying dedication to the team and have done everything possible to further the excellence of the team.

A great organization starts at the top with the ownership and the moves they make to hire the front office people in charge of management. They got off to an excellent start by hiring Jimmy Devellano to take over as general manger in 1982 and the franchise turned around after that point. Since the Ilitches have taken over, the Wings have won 4 Stanley Cups and made the playoffs 24 of 27 times.

The Ilitch family is a familiar one in the Detroit area, owning the Detroit Red Wings and Detroit Tigers and is known nationwide for the Little Caesar's Pizza chain. The family is also known for the philanthropic efforts in the Detroit area.

Felt like it was post-worthy on the day of the sale to the Ilitch family, 28 years ago.