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Quick Hits: 6/2

Upset About Chicago? Look at This - By now you've probably heard about the upcoming Cap issues that Chicago is going to face...but do you know exactly how grave the situation is (will be)?  Do you?  Check this out and I guarantee that the TRUE Detroit Red Wing fans will find it quite humorous.

Kopecky is Trash- NOHS Chris is back from a drinking hiatus and as angry as ever.  As the post title would suggest, he's not a big fan of Tomas Kopecky either.  The usual spelling/grammar errors are to be expected, but the point gets across...especially when CAPS LOCK is on.

Player Review: Kindl and Janik - Andy from Fight Night at the Joe provides us with his thoughts via video camera/headset in regards to upcoming Jakub Kindl and downgoing Doug Janik.  He was also nice enough to provide us with a list with all of the obscure teams mentioned therein.

Ken Holland Is Onto Something- Graham from The Hole In The Door discusses Ken Holland's thoughts on what Puckdaddy called the "shootout crazy NHL".  Graham likes Kenny's proposal...head on over and tell him what you think.