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Jimmy is the Real Rookie of the Year

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I told you what was going to happen. The last time that a defenseman won the Calder Trophy, was back in 2002-2003 when Zetterberg (44 points) was screwed out of the Rookie of the Year Award for Barret have their careers gone since then? Zetterberg has a Stanley Cup, a Conn Smythe and a Selke Nomination. Jackman has accomplished jack squat.

Now I'm not saying that Tyler Myers didn't have a great year. I'm not saying that Tyler Myers isn't going to have a great career in the NHL. I am simply saying that he wasn't the Rookie of the Year. He just wasn't. Sure he popped in 11 goals and added 37 assists...but the main reason he won this award...because Duchene didn't have that great of a season and Jimmy is 26 years old.

Jimmy Howard was the best rookie in the NHL last season.

He finished 8th in total wins by a goaltender while playing less games than anyone finishing above him in that regard and playing for a team that was second in man-games lost due to injury. He finished 5th overall in Goals Against Average with a sparkling 2.26. He also finished 5th overall in Save Percentage...posting a .924. Detroit doesn't make the play-offs without Howard. He's the team's MVP and should have got some consideration for a Hart/Vezina nomination...even though he would have had no chance of winning.

Myers finished just outside the top ten for scoring (among defensemen). He was out of the top ten in goals scored. He didn't crack the top ten in assists either. On a team that was +28 overall, he was only a +13 - twenty five other defensemen did better than him in that department. Of those 11 goals that he scored...only one was a game winner. He didn't crack the top 20 in Time On Ice Average either. Any thoughts of Myers being nominated for a Hart/Norris or even team MVP? No chance.

So someone please explain to me what was so great about this kid's season...or better yet...start the sentence off with the words: "Tyler Myers had a better season than Jimmy Howard because..." and see if you can finish that without using the words "because he's younger" and see if you can make a valid argument. I'm guessing that you can't.

Age is irrelevant. Jimmy was Rookie of the Year no matter what the media says.