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Quick Hits: 6/25

Red Wings Offer Contract to Russian Grinder - 23 year old Evgeny Ryasensky has been offered a contract, reportedly, by the Detroit Red Wings.  The Russian defenseman is known for a punishing stlye of play.  We all know how Detroit fans love viscious Russian D-Man...Konstantinov (yes, please)...Markov (not so much).

2010 Draft Live Chat - Join Michael Petrella of The Production Line who is actually attending this year's draft.  He'll have the live chat up and running at 6:45 PM.

NHL Draft Preview - Andy from Fight Night at the Joe takes a look at all the teams and in NHL, and trashes them by making light of their team/fan philosiphies.  This ain't your mama's mock draft - you'll be sorry, if you don't check this out.