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Quick Hits: 6/30

July 1st?  Who Cares?- When your biggest UFA threatening to leave is Andreas're a team with a pretty solid core intact.  All of the RFA's are ours until July 15th anyway, and we're already pretty set at...well everyone position.  We're not getting caught with our pants down this year...Kenny made sure of that.

Diamond Talk, Ep1 - Rob from The Production Line walks us through what the wheelings and dealings of Andreas Lilja's agent COULD BE like.

Andreas Lilja "excited" about free agency, exit from Red Wings- George Malik from Snapshots sniped another Swedish article that might be a little more telling about the true intentions covered up by all the sweet talk #3 was dishing out yesterday.

Red Wings' Draft Clas Heavy with Offense- Kris from Snipe Snipe, Dangle Dangle breaks down the Red Wings' draft picks from this year on the hockey site 'Chicks Who Give a Puck'.  You may know everything there is to know about the picks already, but the give the girls' website a look.

Potpurri - Kyle from Babcock's Death Stare is our go to guy when it comes to prospects.  He breaks down a laundry list of guys within the organ-i-zation...some that are (should be?) staying, some that are going...and a few in between.