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Quick His: 6/7

This Just In: They All Suck- Hockey purists have to be disgusted with the goaltending that we've seen in this year's Stanley Cup Finals.  Antti Niemi vs Michael Leighton/Brian Boucher is without a doubt, one of the the worst goaltending match-ups in Stanley Cup Finals history.

Red Wings Prospect Landon Ferraro needs a Freah, Healthy Start - George Malik of Snapshots looks at the disappointing sophomore season in the WHL for young Ferraro and talks about what the kid needs in order to bounce back.

"If you're that baby's daddy, where you been at?"- Can't resist a post with a Simpson's quote for a title.  Michael Petrella from The Production Line finally makes a comment about the re-signing of Holmstrom and briefly discusses his participation on the new Obstructed View.

Player Video Review: Chris Osgood - Andy from Fight Night at the Joe provides us with another accent-driven player review.  This time - it's Ozzie's turn.  I can't watch it here at the office, but I'm guessing it's going to be pretty stinging for you Ozzie fans.