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WIM at the Draft


Hey boys and girls! 

Excuse my absence over the last few weeks -- I fully intend on jumping back on the saddle and contributing a bit more, including a season-ending Fake Awards post that puts a cap on the fun times we've shared since October. 

But first -- some important breaking news. It's not really breaking so much as "exciting." Let's go with exciting news...

I'm heading to Los Angeles at the end of the month to cover the NHL Entry Draft on behalf of SB Nation and Winging it in Motown. It's a very exciting thing for us all, and I hope to be able to do you all proud. 

So, in the comments below, let us know if you have suggestions for how we can best cover this event for you -- and if you have any ideas for coverage. I've been told that it might be tricky to get one-on-one time with the draft picks and/or management-types, but I'll do my best to Bertuz-- I mean "elbow" my way into the scrums and get up close and personal.