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Quick Hits: 6/8

Contract Talks on Overdrive - Kenny Holland is wheeling and dealing and being dealt a deal himself.  The best GM in sports isn't wasting anytime in this early off-season to get business done.  Go on with your bad self, Kenny!

Bertuzzi: Win-Win Situation and Lebda Ruble Rich?- Michael Petrella from The Production Line gives us his two cents on man-crush Todd Bertuzzi and the prospect of Brett Lebda ditching the NHL for greener pastures in comment could be reached from the giant mouse that lives there.

Fans- Graham from The Hole in the Door gives us a nice little rant and rave about fans in general.  Like myself, Graham doesn't like the 2 million bandwagoners in Chicago...and he doesn't pull any punches.

Central Belongs to the Wings?  Not so Fast... - Proprietor of Motown Wings and perpetual "Johnny Rain Cloud", Chris Hollis counter argues with Ryan Weiss's claim that Detroit has the inside track on the Central Division for the upcoming season.  Come on's too early to be arguing about this.

2 Years, 4 Teams, 82 Picks- Rob Masters of Etched in Cold looks at the drafting behavior of Detroit, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia and analyzes them.  It's a really cool idea and I think he presents it well...check out the results over at EIC.