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Quick Hits: 6/9

Class- ...or really "lack of it" in Chicago's case.  If you haven't seen the Chrissy Pronger picture published by the Chicago Tribune, I waited until game day to comment to try and keep people fired up about tonight.  Remember when we had to play back-to-back games?

Red Wings' Forward Tomas Holmstrom 'numbers' don't include intangibles - George Malik of Snapshots takes a closer look at the Swede they call "The Demolition Man".  George argues that Holmstrom's true worth may not even appear on the nightly score sheet (though he usually does appear on there).

I Don't Want Drew Miller back and Other Hockey Ramblings- The boys of The Production Line are likely to take an unpopular stance with wanting to discard Michigan State alumnus Drew Miller.  Don't agree?  Head on over to TPL and explain why.

More Wintery Wonderland Hockey - Brian Harwell of Octopus Thrower thinks that expanding the Winter Classic into two games (one technically is the Heritage Classic for Canada).  He also links to a site that disagrees with him so you get both sides of the story.

Grade 'Em: Brian Rafalski - The Six Million Dollar Man didn't have his best season, but nobody really did this year.  Come on over to NOHS and tell me what you think about Dearborn's favorite son.