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Quick Hits: 7/13

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US- One year ago today, The Nightmare on Helm Street was created by me.  In this post, we take a brief journey through NOHS's life so far and some of the regulars share their thoughts on the site...I invite you to do the same.

Adventures Through History Contest - Kris over at Snipe Snipe, Dangle Dangle is inviting you to show off your photo shop and history muscles by entering her contest depicting Red Wings in various historical events.  Contest ends at midnight next Tuesday.

Finalmente, sobre Modano- Herm do Red Wings Brasil nos dá o que eu acho que é o seu pensamento final sobre a situação Modano Mike ... outra vez eu não falo Português.

Coming Soon...- Graham from The Hole in the Door gives us an update about the lack of updates.  yes, we've hit the slow season and he knows it.  But he also takes a moment to give a shout out to a few new Red Wings blogs, so naturally - I'm giving his shout out a shout out.

A fantasy-tastic look at the Red Wings, Evgeny Ryasensky excluded- George Malik of Snapshots breaks down The Hockey Writers' assessment of Detroit's Fantasy Grade.  As the title suggests...there is no Evgeny Ryasensky.  That rumor was bogus, come to find out.