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Quick Hits: 7/14

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Who You Callin' Ugly?- Some hack grammar blogger (they have those?) from DeMoines takes a crack at Detroit's uniforms.  I take a historical look at the Red Wings sweaters throughout the ages to prove that he's out to lunch.

Quit Cap-plaining Chicago - Nick Allen of Red Wings Guy Dot Com has had enough of Chicago's belly-aching about the Salary Cap. Chicago's formula: Entry-level contracts for NHL-ready talent + Elite free agent signings = Stanley Cup...but more realistically: Expiring entry-level contracts + Expensive veteran contracts = Salary cap problems.

Jim Nill weighs in on Red Wings prospects Calle Jarnkrok, Andrej Nestrasil- I suppose one of the nice things about George Malik of Snapshots titles' are that, while long, they are certainly pretty self-explanatory.  Basically, Jimmy Nill wants all of our prospects to get bigger and stronger...but especially the pint-sized Jarnkrok.

I Didn't Want Him and I Don't Want Him Now- Brian from Octopus Thrower is obviously against the potential signing of Mike Modano.  Before I could even get the thought of "but he's married to Willa Ford" out of my head...I read that he covered that aspect in the first paragraph.  Well played, Mr. Thrower.

Five reasons why NHL is in trade, free-agent gridlock this summer - Greg Wyshynski over at PuckDaddy tells us that the reason trading/free agent signing is so slow this summer is due to: 1.) Cap Space Doesn't Equal Spending Space 2.) The Waiting Game 3.) Yesterday's Overpaid Players Don't Mean Anything To Today's General Managers 4.) The Kovalchuk Effect and 5.) No One Wants Your Team's Garbage.  For more details - click away.