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Quick Hits: 7/15 (aka the most talked about day of Meech's life)

TTD Minute--The Brett Lebda Investigation     Drew may have linked this already but if not, it MUST be linked and it MUST be viewed by ALL. ALL I TELLS YA!

Derek Meech re-signs, still the league's lowest paid player Michael "The Southern Dandy" Petrella takes a look at Meech's new deal and whether  or not he deserved even league minimum. But in non-joking language, Petrella talks about the possible trade of Meech and how it could be the best thing for him because it would give him a chance to play more.

Who are the top 10 goalies in the NHL, and is Ilya Bryzgalov really number 2? The Great Wysh hath linketh me, so I will return the favor. Wysh dives into a debate over Adrian Dater's top 10 NHL goalies (he had Jimmy Howard at number 10) and whether or not Pekka Rinne deserves to be above him (most likely, yes).

Holy Sh*t It's July Already  Jess makes her triumphant return to the interwebz with a glorious breakdown of events that have occurred during her absence. Must read.

Meech, Modano and other free agent musings   Our good pal Chris Hollis of Motown Wings talks about Meech, Modano, Maltby, Lilja and Gator/Helm. The perfectly bearded resident of Seattle brings up the good point that maybe Lilja's asking price of $1.5 million isn't too outlandish considering what Brett Lebda just got.



Moving Mark Savard could be bad for the Bruins  Cory from From the Rink...that was a bit redundant...examines the cons to moving Mark Savard. Savard has been a hot topic for trade discussion this off-season but as Cory explains it could be a worse move than expected.

The saga rolls on: Flyers give Gagne, agent permission to speak with other teams Travis Hughes of Broadstreet Hockey talks a bit about Simon Gagne and the news that the Flyers will give him permission to talk with other teams. Gagne has a no-trade clause so it might be trickier than expected. The comment section is where it's at on this one.