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Quick Hits: 7/19

Abdelkader/Helm on the Fast Track- Don't believe what everyone tells IS possible to get through Detroit's organ-i-zation quickly.  Look no further than two 2005 NHL Entry Draft Picks who have gone from the NCAA and the WHL to capture our hearts and probably long term deals that make sense to both themselves and the team.

Hey, At Least He’s Got The Manilow Repertoire Down Pat - The Chief over at A2Y was late to the party AND posted a little tidbit not even mentioning the actual news on Kovalchuk today, but as had me laughing out loud.

Time to Change the Red Wings' Look?- Joe Burkel of Red Wings Guy Dot Com breaks down a couple changes that could be made to the time-honored Red Wings jersey that we've all come to love.  Sacrilege?  Maybe...but we all once thought moving out of JLA was...and now look at us.

Red Wings links: Praise for Marcel Dionne, Callahan's ill-timed comment, Legace's 'end' and - Look - even George Malik of Snapshots ran out of room in that title...yeesh.  And as always, his title pretty much says it all in regards to the post - Marcel Dionne, Callahan comparing himself to Probert and Legace getting shot down by the KHL (figuratively).