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Quick Hits: 7/20

Hawks DVD Coming Soon - BOO!  - The Hawks won the Cup and their Championship DVD is coming out.  YAY! -Their team is falling apart faster than a Chinese motorcycle.  Not many of those bandwagon fans are going to even recognize most of the players on the team next the link and check out their Cap predicament as it stands today.

Modano confirms that he'll take his time to inform Red Wings of decision-making process- George Malik from Snapshots confirms reports that Modano has opted to forgo the quick decision that he had previously promised us.  Now we'll have to wait until August to hear whether or not he'll grace us with his presence.

Note To Willa: STFU And Stay Home- Here is the Chief from Abel to Yzerman's response to Modano going back on his quick decision.  The Chief doesn't appreciate waffling.

Pavel Datsyuk Birthday Extravaganza!- Ti from Franzenmuth gives us a butt load of #13 highlights from everyone's favorite Dangle-Dangler.  It's like rock music with a hockey puck...but need more shoot.

I'm Now Officially Anti-Mo- Modano's decision to wait until August to let us know his intentions is essentially handcuffing the Red Wings...and forcing us to keep Helm and Abdelkader in a holding pattern.  That = not cool with me.