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Quick Hits: 7/21

Hawks Televise Pre-Season vs Wings - Another good natured (but not really) CHIdenfreude post about Chicago's monumental collapse actually lured out a troll over at NOHS.  Go ahead and join in the debate if you feel so inclined to comment.  Personally, I'm never going to get sick of sticking it to the Blackhawks this off-season.

Modano's decision affects Red Wings' Abdelkader, Helm in more ways than one- Might as well keep talking about it - since NOTHING can happen for Detroit until Mike Modano makes up his mind.  George Malik from Snapshots breaks down a Freep article further discussing the Mo2Motown effect on "Helmdekader".

NHL Rejects Kovalchuk Contract- Rob from SBN Detroit (and Wings Win, Eh?) talks about the big news in the NHL today...Bill Daly giving Lou Lamariello the finger for the farce of a contract that he tried to let slip through.  You're no Ken Holland, Lou...he gets contracts past Mr. Bettman.

While Lou is Losing His Mind, Stevie is Hitting His Stride- VooX over at Abel to Yzerman discusses the Kovalchuk "Deal...Um No Deal" and also how Stevie Y is putting his master plan in place for the Tampa Bay Lightning.  As anybody done a better job than Stevie so far this off-season?