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Quick Hits: 7/26

This Should Make Wings Fans Laugh- Remember how Detroit lost one of its key contributors after the 2008-2009 season?  No, not Hossa.  No, not Samuelsson.  No, not Hudler...I'm talking of course, about Tomas Kopecky.  The over-rated, "I want more minutes!", now Blackhawk apparently has already fallen out of favor with Chicago - what fickle creatures they are.

Off Night Rant: Stupid Nicknames- What Red Wings Hardware lack in length, they make up for in enthusiasm (interepret at your own peril).  This is a succint, angry little post - but it's new - and that is rare this time of year.

NHLPA officially files grievance against NHL for rejecting Kovalchuk contract - Guess what this post is about.  King of the self-explanatory titles, George Malik of Snapshots goes over the latest in the Kovalchuk signing.  We waited this long and they can't even give him a legal contract?  Ridiculous.

The RFA's are Making Bank- Mason Raymond and David Perron are the two latest RFA's to score big(ger) pay days and avoid arbitration.  Who could blame GM's for hastening their talks after Clark Macarthur got $2.4 million?  Hey Stan Bowman...ya mad?