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Quick Hits: 7/27

Holland's Contracts are Legal - There's a big difference between what Ken Holland did with Mule and Hank compared to what Lamoriello is trying to pull-off with Kovalchuk.  Even Gary Bettman didn't question the long-term deals of Detroit...but when other GM's (Tallon, Lamoriello) starting playing around with them, stuff got weird.

The Greatest Red Wings of MY Time - #17- Graham from The Hole in the Door returns from vacation and resumes his breakdown of what he thinks were the greatest men of his lifetime to where the Winged Wheel.  In this edition, he discusses the man who tough Tomas Holmstrom to be such a pain in front of the net - #22, Dino Ciccarelli.

Pavel Datsyuk, the Red Wings' resident shootout maestro- George Malik of Snapshots briefly discusses Pavel Datsyuk's shootout prowess.  Basically, he's a goalie's worst nightmare in the shootout...because you never know what rabbit he's going to pull out of his hat.

Hockeytown South- How does Steve Yzerman plan on turning Tampa Bay into a successful franchise?  By attempting to emulate the exact science of building a sustainably successful franchise as he learned as a prospect, player, and excecutive while with the Detroit Red Wings.