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Quick Hits: 7/28

RFA's Keep Dropping- 3 more avoid arbitration (Moulson - NYI, Brule - EDM, Fleischmann - WSH)'s looking like just about everybody is trying to avoid the generous arbitrators like grim death.  Too bad for Chicago - Antti Niemi's is in less than 24 hours and Bowman still has not a clue what to do.

Kovalchuk Saga Not to Blame for Slow UFA Market- Spector's Hockey takes the position that the UFA market isn't slow BECAUSE of Kovalchuk.  Whether you buy that or not, this is a good article that breaks down some of the top UFA's available and where they could be headed.

Landon Ferraro escapes from Red Deer- This post by George Malik may have more links than The Puck Stops Here has over at Kukla's Korner - just nevermind if you don't know what I'm talking about.  But seriously, lots of good links here from George regarding all things Red Wings.

Ice Edge Bid Trouble Should Equal End of Line for Hockey in the Desert - The Hockey Writers have had enough with the struggles between Glendale, a city that apparently wants to keep its franchise yet chases away every suitor that shops the team.  Hockey markets like Detroit, and most Canadian teams don't deserve the burden of subsidizing Gary's failed experiment any longer.