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Quick Hits: 7/29

Shanny Inducted into Obscure Hall of Fame- Long time fan favorite in Detroit, Brendan Shanahan is being inducted into the prestigious Etobicoke Hall of Fame...yes, it's a real place.  In fact, the comment section provides us with a little background including the $0.10 word "amalgamated".  Stop on by and share you favorite Shanny memory.

That's a Wrap - Chris Hollis of Motown Wings posts his last piece over on his FanBall sports page.  Though, Chris will still be involved in the Red Wings blogosphere...we've lost a significant place to help us pass the time.

The Collapse of Chicago: A Day in the Life of Stan Bowman- I know what you're thinking and the answer is 'NO' - I did not write this little piece of CHIdenfreude and double link to NOHS (I got yelled at for doing that).  This comes from CaptNorris over at the Winged Wheel and is chock full of that anti-Windy City sentiment I love so much.

The Greatest Red Wings of MY Time - #16 - How many of you remember Ray Sheppard?  I do...and so does Graham from The Hole in the Door. The former #26 is next on the list of Graham's favorite Red Wings to play during his 30-something years on earth.

The 'Lidstrom in decline' arguments are wearing thin- A surprisingly succinct title from George Malik of Snapshots - George goes to bat for The Perfect Human against all the nay-sayers who think that his skills and effectiveness are beginning to dwindle.