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Quick Hits: 7/7

Eaves Signs- Alright, we all know that Patty Eaves signed a one year deal worth $750 K.  But I'm posting this link to NOHS because there's a quality on-going discussion about what the Eaves signing means, and some possibilities on where Kenny should go from here. I invite you to join the conversation in the comment section.

Wednesday Wonderings - "Amerinadian" Graham discusses all current events in the Red Wings world.  From the passing of Probert, to the RFA signings and the courtship of Mike Modano.  Right now, is there a more polarizing figure in Detroit sports than Dallas' (former) #9?

Red Wings/Griffins goaltender Joey MacDonald okay with mentoring Thomas McCollum- Joey McDonald returns to the Detroit organ-i-zation.  George Malik at Snapshots examines the fact that McDonald understands his role --and better yet-- appreciates it.  Good article, guaranteed to make you like Joey Mac a little more.

As Usual, I’m All In With Tick Tock- The Chief over at Abel to Yzerman is back to business (finally) and discusses the Modano situation in his own words...which is almost always good for a co-worker wondering why there's laughter coming from your side of the cube.  Welcome back, Chief.

Three Guys with Who have M Last Names- Not that Kyle over at Babcock's Death Stare needs any more hits today (he was linked by Puckdaddy which = lots and lots of hits), but this post examining several aspects of the Red Wings roster for next season is worth the read if you haven't already.