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Quick Hits: 9/1

Your 2012-2013 Red Wings - One Nightmare On Helm Street reader asked me to look at what the Detroit Red Wings roster might be a few years from I did.  Not taking into account the obvious trade/waive/free agency acquisition - I laid out what the lineup might look like come October 2012.

Know Thy Enemy: St. Louis Blues - Graham over at The Hole In the Door's new thing is looking at all 29 other teams in the NHL and breaking them it's probably going to be a regular here on Quick Hits for a while.  Today, he breaks down the team that completely ruined my trip to Stockholm last year - the St. Louis Blues. (Truth be told, the trip was still great, but the hockey sucked).

Fantasy Mailbag- Darryl Dobbs of The Hockey News answers various questions regarding the upcoming (fantasy) hockey season.  One reader asked about our own Jimmy Howard...and Dobbs responds by making a bold prediction that Jimmy flirts with 40 wins this season.  That would be nice.

Clarifying Red Wings prospect Willie Coetzee's situation and two tidbits - George Malik of Snapshots clears the air surrounding the possibility of Willie Coetzee playing for the Griffins this year and he also discusses a pic of Brad Stuart that one of my readers submitted (I didn't know about the link until I started writing this, Casey - I swear) and also touches on Tomas Tatar's photoshoot for for Upper Deck's Top Prospects.