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Quick Hits: 9/10

Kronwall Already Skating - After only a couple weeks, #55 Niklas Kronwall participated in some non-contact drills today.  Yesterday he skated by himself.  At this rate, Kronwall should be at full tilt by tomorrow and killing folks by the end of the weekend.  Me likey quick rehab!

Know Thy Enemy: Calgary Flames - Graham from The Hole in the Door takes a look at the best NHL team in the province of Alberta - the Calgary Flames.  Ever since they bounced us from the play-offs back in 2004, we've been able to sit back and laugh about all the silly things the Flames have been doing...and this off-season was no exception. "If at first you don't succeed - re-sign departed players that didn't succeed before."

Marian Hossa...the $7.9 Million Man?- Rob from The Production Line works through a hangover by talking about the Ilya Kovalchuk debacle this season as well as the Marian Hossa issue we had to face after the 2008-2009 season.  Rob was a little late to the party, but it's still worth the read - as is most of the stuff out of TPL.

Seasons Change: An ELF Tribute to the New Hockey Season - Jordan, head of Eight Legged Freaks makes his triumphant return from an off-season hiatus to help us get excited about the season that is to come.  Don't need any more encouragement?  Well stop on over anyway, it's worth your time...why else would I link to it?