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WIM Fantasy Hockey League(s) Update

Why <em>wouldn't</em> I use this picture?
Why wouldn't I use this picture?

Hey everyone, just wanted to give a quick update on the fantasy hockey league(s) that we're going to be running. First things first, thanks to everyone for the quick and in-depth responses on the original posts. So here's the skinny on what we're going to be doing:

  1. Running two Yahoo! sports leagues. There will be one league for veterans and one league for amateurs. Since there will be a first place prize in each league, please do not sign up for the amateur league if you have a lot of experience with fantasy hockey just so you can win the prize. That's low, man.
  2. Prizes you say? There's a first place prize for each league which will probably be`a gift card to the NHL shop.
  3. 16 teams per league. Based on the responses, it seems like we'll be able to run two leagues with 16 teams each. If necessary, we can tweak the number though.
  4. Head-to-head style. I figure that this is probably the best way to do the league with 16 teams in each, also that way we can go to a playoff system. This way, you're not out of the running for anything until the very end.
  5. Live draft style. I know the time we choose may not work out for everyone but a live draft is usually a lot better than autodraft. I know I always ended up with the crappiest players in the league when I did autodraft. For the time, I'm thinking on a Sunday night, at about 7pm or 8pm ET, that way it doesn't cut into the NFL games for the most part. Vote in the poll for the best day for the draft
  6. Any suggestions? Leave them in the comment section.

IMPORTANT! Keep this post bookmarked as I will update it by tomorrow with the sign-up information for the two leagues

[UPDATE 9/16/2010]: Hey everyone, here's the log in info for the leagues:

League name: WIM Veterans
ID# 44246
Password: Questfor12

League name: WIM Rookies
ID# 44250
Password: Questfor12
Don't take the name literally as in if you've played once before it doesn't mean you're not allowed to play in this one, it's more along the lines of if you've played once or twice but are still a novice.

If you can't get the above links to work, go here:

Notes: only join ONE league and have ONE team and make sure you play to your skill level. By request, it will be a head-to-head league. The draft will be on SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 26 AT 7 P.M. ET. Once again, the live draft will be on SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 26 AT 7 P.M. ET. The point system is going to be tweaked still so please refrain from e-mails on that until I post a commissioner's note in the league that the points have been solidified. One last thing, enjoy!

If you have any problems joining the league, e-mail me at mrnorristrophy [at] gmail [dot] com and I'll take care of it ASAP.