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The Times They Are A-Changin

Well folks, let me first start off by apologizing for the lack of posts from me. That whole school thing really caught me off guard and I had a lot less time than I thought I would. I'm hoping that I've straightened everything out following a mini-panic attack I had on Sunday and I feel like I've re-dedicated myself to the site after this weekend.

Now, that being said. I may not be on here as much anymore (during game threads) because of some commitments I've made with school and an opportunity to call my school's club hockey team's games. I'll post as much as possible during the season, I just may have to miss a few game threads here and there.

Enough about me, let's talk about them:

The TPL fellas

As many of you know, our good buddies Michael Petrella and Rob Discher have taken The Production Line to a whole new level. Unfortunately, that means neither of them will be writing over here anymore. I just wanted to take a minute out and thank them both for being a part of Winging It In Motown. It's been fun having them on board and I've enjoyed their posts during that time. They'll undoubtedly continue to kick some ass over at TPL and hopefully they'll stop by for a game thread or two in the future.

Our prospect man

Kyle Kujawa is also saying "goodbye" as he takes an internship with the Grand Rapids Griffins. Kyle is a fountain overflowing with knowledge about up-and-comers in the Red Wings system and the team in general. He was a great asset to our site with the prospect coverage and interviews he was able to wrangle. I know he'll be excellent at his work with the Griffins and maybe he'll re-join us at a later date.

Last, but most certainly not the least...

Is Joe Hass. Joe was on staff during the Christy administration and I'm glad that he stayed on board when my reign of terror I came to WIM. Joe's been an excellent game-threader and recapper in addition to providing some good stuff on Mr. Hockey or a touching look at the end of Jiri Fischer's playing career. Joe's been an excellent contributor to WIM and is a top-notch dude. He's moving on due to commitments to his career and I wish him nothing but the best with it.

If you get a chance, thank them for what they've contributed. I can't thank them enough.


We'll still be running WIM like last year and are hoping to make it an even bigger community for Wings fans to go to. I've got some things planned for this year that I think a lot of you will enjoy and seeing as how tomorrow is the dropping of the puck on a new (pre)season, those plans will be unfold very quickly.