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Quick Hits: 9/22

Pre-Season for the Precious- Red Wings prospect Thomas McCollum is gearing up to participate in the second NHL pre-season match of his young career, and he is excited.  Nervous to play Pittsburgh?  Nah.  He the talent won't be any better than he saw last week in practice - which is true, if you think about it.

Pre-Season Gameday Thread Wings @ Penguins 7 PM- The Datsyukian Deke is fired up about tonight's pre-season.  Though in-depth analysis is hard to come by during the pre-season, he looks at the discrepancy of starts in the opposing lineups and his expectations as a result.

Draper Still Not Skating- Chuck from Red Wings Front notes that Detroit center Kris Draper is taking his recovery nice and slow.  Draper is still suffering from a groin injury he sustained last week at training camp.  Draper, who is fighting for a roster spot, did not skate today as orginally planned.

Here’s To Malik. And Thid? You Can Just Go Ahead And Suck It - The Chief over at Abel to Yzerman once again returns from the high seas to rattle off a sassy little post aimed at Pittsburgh and their fans.  As to be expected, the Penguins fans hated the post as much as the Wings fans loved it.  Par for the course - the comments are almost as entertaining as the post itself.