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Quick Hits: 9/24

The calendar keeps slipping forward to the October 8th season opener against the formerly mighty Ducks of Anaheim.  Meanwhile, we've got some preseason business to sort out.  There are spots to be won and lost in these games, fellas.

Red Wings News & Notes:

Red Wings' Johan Franzen, Jiri Hudler back on ice; Derek Meech (concussion) still has headache: Ansar Khan has the update on the injured Wings, including Brian Rafalski, who's been given "maintenance days" for his back.  [MLive}

One More Nod to Summer Girls, for the Lyte Funky Ones: Petrella's game previews, featuring a song I hate.  Thanks for getting it stuck in my head.  On the bright side, TPL's player nicknames are always a hit [The Production Line]

Well Gary?: Chief at A2Y asks the question many of us wonder.  How does Boynton get a game for a throat-slash maneuver while Orpik skates on an actual dangerous hockey play? [Abel to Yzerman]

Know Thy Enemy - San Jose Sharks: Graham wraps up the western conference in his team-by-team previews by looking at the Sharks (and with a very good explanation about why he's cutting it off at the West).  Also, the Buffalo Bills comparison? *kisses fingertips* magnifique! [The Hole in the Door]

2010-2011 Player Profiles: Jakub Kindl:  Kris saw Jakub Kindl in-person at Traverse City and she's big on the prospect. [Snipe Snipe Dangle Dangle]


Around SB Nation:

Five Burning Questions: Minnesota Wild Season Preview: SB Nation asks our dear old friends from Hockey Wilderness if the team can get back on track after a disappointing end to last season [Main Page]

Maxim Afinogenov Exits NHL On A High Note: An in-depth look at the career of Maxim Afinogenov, who signed with the KHL this summer, including an impressive highlight reel from the never-boring russian [Die By the Blade]

When it comes to the Calder Trophy, don't sleep on Logan Couture's chances: A look at Sharks' third-line center to be and 21-year old possible Calder candidate Logan Couture.  I'm not turning my AC all the way up and drinking Red Bulls to keep myself awake on this one though.  Despite a lot of good points, TCY forgets that the Calder is voted on by the hockey writers and plays in the Pacific time zone, two big strikes against him. [Fear the Fin]

Souray...or Stralman?: Matt Wagner takes a different angle on the Souray-for-Commodore talk that's been going around.  He compares Souray to Jackets' defenseman Anton Stralman as kind of a Souray-Light answer who's cheaper, younger, found his offensive touch sooner, and did I mention cheaper?  Good, because that might be a big consideration for a cash-strapped team like Columbus [The Cannon]