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Red Wings - Blackhawks Post-Game Thoughts

Meh, this loss means as much as last night's win.  Our B-Team could have been blown out, but lost 4-2

  • Ozzie gave up four: none of them were bad.  I liked his play.
  • Turco gave up another softie, but it was all him on Chicago's 2nd goal.  Cool for him; he can choke on one.
  • Tonight showed that our not-NHL-ready defensemen aren't NHL-ready.  Take that as you will.
  • Owens keeps impressing.
  • Glad to see Miller score.  He hadn't been very noticeable earlier in preseason, but he had a good game.
  • I wish The Fratellis were never born.  I don't think it's blowing things out of proportion to call the United Nations on them for crimes against humanity.
  • NHL Network is showing top ten Yzerman goals right now.  Hell yes.

Good night folks; we'll see you tomorrow for the game against the Rangers.