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Quick Hits: 9/29

Detroit plays the Rangers tonight in an attempt to get over .500 for preseason, because all Detroit fans know how important your preseason record is.  I'm hoping for two things: 1. Detroit plays well and gets out with no injuries and 2. Sean Avery trips on the ice and smashes his face.

Around the Wings:

Don Draper, NHL Commissioner (Episode 1): Discher from TPL wonders how things would change with a real man in the office of the commissioner.  [The Production Line]

One Word Requirement: Today, A2Y is brought to you by the number 19 and the word "swagger". [Abel to Yzerman]

Brian, I am So Sorry: ELF isn't the only one who forgot Brian Rafalski's birthday yesterday (the big 37), but as far as I can tell, is the only one who bought him a Blizzard Cake to make up for it [Eight Legged Freaks]

2011-2011 Player Profiles: Mike Modano: Kris at SSDD continues her preseason player-by-player look at the Wings, stopping at the much-discussed Mikey Mo.  [Snipe Snipe Dangle Dangle]

Eight sent to Grand Rapids: Chuck's got the news about the roster moves the Wings made today.  Sad to see Downey go; I was rooting for him [Red Wings Front]

Elsewhere on SB Nation:

BoC At The Movies: MVP (Most Valuable Primate): BoC watched the whole thing, the least you can do is read the witty banter.  As an aside, this movie's sequel has the best 2-second performance by an unkown actor ever. [Battle of California]

Hurricanes At Panthers Exhibition Canceled Due to Storm Concerns: Yeah, a tropical storm causes cancellation of a  hockey game.  File this under "Things hockey fans in the 80s never thought would happen." [Canes Country]

2011 NHL Entry Draft - An Early Look: For fans of some teams, it's never too early to start scouting your early picks.  Keep an eye on some of these names, as they might be playing in Columbus sooner than you think [From the Rink]

Leafs Fans Declare Kadri Flop, Jump Out Windows During Parade Planning Exercise: If the Detroit media were as bat-shit crazy as the guys writing in Toronto, I'd throw people out of windows.  Chemmy hates straw-men almost as much as Nicholas Cage hates sanity. [Pension Plan Puppets]