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Quick Hits: 9/7

Your EA 2011 Player Ratings- The Electronic Arts NHL 2011 game, with its disgusting over (for consecutive years) hit shelves today.  I managed to find a source with the ratings for the Detroit Red Wings and decided to share them with the readers of NOHS.

Red Wings Links: Chris Osgood's 'ready' to play supporting role - George Malik from Snapshots tackles several issues (as per usual).  In this installment - Ozzie preparing for backup role, Franzen and the Mule getting ready to post big numbers, players to watch in Traverse City, and much, much more.

Wings Announce 2010-11 TV Schedule - Find out when and what channel will be playing all of Detroit's games this year as reported by the Detroit Red Wings official website.  I'm sure there's a lot of people out there just thrilled about the NHL Center Ice Package going up in price this year...thanks, Gary.

Could a Healthy Mule be the Red Wings Top Offseason Acquisition? - Pure MI Sports discusses what having Johan Franzen back at full capacity could actually be the biggest thing to happen to Detroit in this off-season.  Even upon his return, Mule said he wasn't 100% - but he will be this year.  40 goals from Franzen?  Yes, please.