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NHL All-Star Roster Announced

Per, the league has released the selection of players who will fill out the draft pool for the two NHL All-Star Game captains to be determined in this year's new format.  Remember, two captains will be named and will hold a fantasy draft to complete their squads.  There's still no word as to who they will be, but I'd probably crap a tuba if Crosby weren't selected as one of them.  If I had to guess the other, I'll go ahead and guess Lidstrom as one of those "Hey, no hard feelings for suspending you after skipping last year." moves by Bettman.

The full roster can be found here.

Some of you may be bothered, others relieved that Lidstrom is the only Wing on that list.  Remember, the rules that they're playing by means that every team has to be represented somewhere (as pointed out by Joe Yerdon on Twitter, the Isles, Panthers, Sabres, and Coyotes are only represented by rookie skaters who compete in the Honda Super Skills, but not the All-Star game itself).   If you're wondering about a Zetterberg "snub", then perhaps ESPN's Pierre LeBrun could shed some light with this tweet:

Keep in mind that some star players, via their GMs, quietly tell league not to pick them....

 Remember, Zetterberg's back is not 100% and I'm sure he'd rather have the time to rest up for a cup run than to play nice in the circus for the NHL's corporate suitors.  Datsyuk's broken hand likely meant that even asking to be left off the roster was a moot point.  Also, I never noticed that Matt Duchene's roster picture looked so ridiculous.  It looks like his hair tried to grow wings to fly away from that durrrr face of his.