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The most important link you'll ever see...EVER

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So we posted a link in the game thread last night about this but it's something that DEFINITELY needs it's own post on here. Thanks to some excellent, excellent work by our friend Ellen Manuszak of Big Red Machine, we have a spiffy new site for all things H2H2 related. Here's the link below and then I'll explain for those who don't know what H2H2 is:

H2H2: March 11, 2011

So what is H2H2? Well it's Herm 2 Hockeytown 2, a fundraiser by Red Wings fans, bloggers, and good-hearted individuals to benefit the Children's Hospital of Michigan. More specifically:

H2H started as a collection among friends to bring a hockey-deprived fan, Herm, to see his favorite team in action. A plane ticket was bought, but there was money left over. And, thanks to the efforts of Bill Houlihan and a handful of his fellow bloggers, people continued to donate. The question of what to do with the funds was obvious, and the decision unanimous. As a result, over $5,800 was raised for Children's Hospital of Michigan.

We want to do things bigger and better every year and it starts with you guys. Every donation is crucial, from $5 to $500, any amount that you can give is greatly appreciated and will make a difference to a child. Still need another reason to donate? Read this article from Winging It's own JJfromKansas, who knows first hand how important these funds are.

So head on over to the site. Donate if you can, buy a shirt if you can (each shirt has a $5 donation built in automatically). The biggest thing that you can do in addition to donating is spreading the word to any and everyone that you think would be even remotely interested or capable of donating to the cause. We thank you guys and gals for helping to build this awesome community we have here at Winging It In Motown and what better way to use our collective power than to these kids out.

We'll have more in the coming days on how in collaboration with those fine Production Line gents, we are going to tackle H2H2 with some special game threads and the like so stayed tuned!