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All-Star Game Draft Thread: See how unstoppable Team Lidstrom will be

Is there a more badass picture than this?
Is there a more badass picture than this?

Tonight, the first unique factor of this year's All-Star game takes place as the two captains pick their teams from a pool of players. The two captains, Detroit's own Nicklas Lidstrom and hometown boy Eric Staal, will select their players like it's a game of pond hockey. It's an interesting approach to the All-Star game and I think it gets more and more casual fans to like the game. It will be interesting to see how the teams unfold: who will pick more superstars? who gets the most goal scorers? who's picked last (my guess: Brent Burns)? what types of teams do the two different type of players draft? where's Waldo?

The draft will air on VERSUS at 8 PM and of course, we've got a venue to talk about it. Comment away and let the dominance of Team Lidstrom unfold.