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You Know What I Love?* Team WIIM Victorious

Proud to be an Indubitable.
Proud to be an Indubitable.

My friends, an important victory was won today. After a see-saw affair that saw 21 goals, a penalty shot, 43 lead changes, 96 adult beverages consumed and 6 new friends made, The Indubitables prevailed over The Flying Shetuzzis by the final score of 57.6 to 53.4. To go along with this glorious victory, Team Lidstrom beat Team Staal 11-10, capping off an exciting All-Star Game weekend for all involved. 

First, to our opponents, Michael Petrella, Rob Discher and Chris Hollis: my hats off to all three of you for an intense battle. It came down to the final moments, and only Patrick Sharp upsetting Shea Weber for MVP combined with The Indubitables' stunning domination of the +/- statistic were what gave us the victory. You competed well, combining class with flavishness. We look forward to many more battles in the future, and hope that this weekend's contest was the first of many epic competitions between the 2 blogs for years to come.

To my running/drafting mates, Casey and J.J.: we did it, boys! It's obvious the hours and hours (re: 5 minutes of G-chat before the draft) of preparation paid off, and we assembled a team that many thought had no chance. It's nice to be on the winning side, and I am glad we are standing together.

To all of you readers, regardless of whether you were pro-WIIM or pro-TPL: a giant kudos to all of you. Your support for either side added to the fun that the 6 of us had putting this together, and I think I can speak for the other 5 gentlemen when I say that we liked competing for your "votes". Most importantly, you helped to raise $127.50 to The Children's Hospital through your pledges solely out of this game. That kind of support and generosity arising out of a friendly competition between two blogs of the Red Wings proves that the world's greatest hockey team has the world's greatest fans.

To any who want to celebrate this victory, a quick word of caution: this was a friendly competition between two blogs that genuinely like each other. Just remember that when you post something, regardless of whether your side won or lost, keep in mind that we are all on the same side here. I have no doubts that any comments that you have will be classy, because that's just how we roll.

We started this campaign by saying that there was only one choice for first overall pick in the draft. Team TPL believed that Stamkos gave them the best chance of victory; WIIM responded by taking the only player that made sense, Nicklas Lidstrom. There is something to be said about drafting with your heart rather than your head: Stamoks ended up with 2 points, while Lidstrom earned 4.5

To those that are going to H2H2, I hope that you'll join us as the great-looking TPL gentlemen provide the dapper WIIM men with adult beverages following every single goal. Remember that if Todd Bertuzzi happens to score, you will be able to witness 3 grown men doing pushups in the middle of the aisle. These types of scenes do not happen every day, so it will be a sight to behold.

Again, I want to say that I had a ton of fun this weekend, and want to congratulate everyone one involved .Big props to reader wingsluver4ever for the idea; you may have created a monster. We now resume our regularly-scheduled NHL season.


*Wondering about the title? The answer is "free beer". Had TPL won, the headline would have been "You Know What I Hate?", with the answer being "pushups"